Labriute Meals Completes Passover Meals Military Operation

LAKEWOOD, N.J., March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Labriute Meals based in Lakewood NJ announced today that it has completed Operation Military Passover Meals and that all of the brave men and women in all branches of U.S. military will be able to enjoy Kosher for Passover meals wherever they are.

Labriute Meals was awarded an exclusive three-year DLA contract (Defense Logistics Agency) to supply kosher MREs (meals ready to eat) to troops stationed around the world. “Passover is an exciting yet challenging period at Labriute Meals. We have to ensure uninterrupted production of our meals to all of our market segments, but shipping meals in time for Passover to our brave men and women of all branches of the United States military is our highest priority,” says Abe Halberstam, President, and Founder of Labriute Meals. “Last year, Labriute was invited to attend the bi-annual JWB convention in Baltimore where I spoke in front of a gathering of all US Military chaplains. It was a humbling experience as well as incredibly gratifying to hear from the chaplains how much our Passover meals mean to our troops. Our Kosher MRE’s in addition to meeting religious observance, also serve as our soldiers’ connection back to their families who have to conduct a “Seder” without them,” continued Mr. Halberstam.

Mr. Halberstam explains, “The challenge stems from having to end our regular production of kosher MREs, then prepare and certify our equipment for our Kosher for Passover so production can begin. It is quite a complex logistical project as we have to coordinate “kashrut” of our plant as well as receipt of all of the Kosher for Passover food ingredients.”

Labriute ships over ten thousand kosher MRE meals which will be dispatched by the DLA to all branches of the military including active engagement territories. “We are truly honored to be part of this project. In 2016, Labriute was called upon to deliver additional meals to our troops. Our trucks drove through the night to meet one of the Navy ships in order for meals to reach their destination. A truly gratifying experience for all of our employees” said Mr. Halberstam.

For additional information, please contact Abe Halberstam, or 732.955.1555 (cell) 631.875 4103.

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