Correctional Meals

Labriute offers correctional facilities food service departments meals for inmates whose religious beliefs require adherence to religious dietary laws who can not be accommodated on the routine menu. Labriute kosher meals are often accepted as Halal alternative meals for non-Jewish inmates.

Labriute religious meals are an ideal religious meals solution by offering a combination of competitively priced compliant and healthy meals.

Labriute kosher meals are accepted for: Kosher Religious Diet prepared and served to Jewish inmates in accordance with Kashruth standards established by the Union of Orthodox Congregations of America.

Pork-Free Religious Diet free of pork, pork products and shellfish, but which may include other meats and fowl, eggs, milk and dairy products as approved by religious tenets and served to those faith groups recognized to eat only “wholesome or clean meats”.

Labriute meals meet the religious tenets of the following religions: Judaism; b. Islam; c. Moorish Science Muslim; d. Nation of Islam; e. Seventh-Day Adventist; f. Sufism; g. Worldwide Church of God; h. Buddhism; i. Hindu

Labriute’s meal logistics and planning work with correction food service department to provide meals that meet budgetary constraints as well as religious dietary requirements.

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