Our Technology

Labriute is a “shelf-stable meal”, while sounding quite serious, it really means that our meals do not require refrigeration and can be safely stored on a shelf (or in your pantry) for four to seven years.

Of course, our customers are always amazed how we’ve managed to create a homelike, tasty meal that is also safe to eat and does not require special storage or handling. In reality, the process is quite simple and is based on “retort technology.”

Retort technology was originally developed by NASA to preserve the natural flavor and nutrition in the freshest ingredients. First, our meals are thoroughly cooked, then they are placed in tray/pouch that is able to withstand thermal processing; each meal is heated to 240-250°F (116-121°C) under high pressure. This process reliably kills all commonly occurring microorganisms and bacteria, preventing it from spoiling. This packaging process retain freshness for four to ten years (Meals Ready to Eat).

Labriute retail and institutional entrees are rated for four years of shelf life, and our MRE (military) meals for seven years.