About Us

Labriute was founded in 2002 by Abe Halberstam. Our Company has been the innovator of flameless, self-heating shelf-stable kosher meals. From our inception, our focus has been on manufacturing shelf-stable meals that are also tasty and nutritious. In addition, we have placed an equal importance on ensuring that all of our meals are prepared in highly secure and safe, US-based, manufacturing facilities.

Labriute has grown from providing retail meal solutions to one of the leading institutional shelf-stable and religious meals provider in the US.

Our Team

Abe Halberstam, CEO
Abe is the Founder of Labriute meals and is a well known expert in manufacturing and distribution of shelf-stable meals to a wide variety of customers segments including: Military, Emergency & Humanitarian Management , Correctional facilities as well as retail. Mr. Halberstam is a sought-after adviser for all matters concerning religious meals in both the military and correctional facilities. Mr. Halberstam is frequently consulted in international conferences on emergency management, national disasters humanitarian aide. as well as on correctional feeding programs

Dassy Tress, Director of Operations & Client Services Ms. Tress has been with Labriute since 2005 and has been instrumental in the Company’s growth and national recognition. Ms. Tress oversees distribution operations at our New Jersey facility and is also the client services administrator. In this role, Ms. Tress is responsible for meeting and ensuring Labriute’s uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction. She is quite at ease working with our retail clients as well as senior decision makers in the institutional segments served by Labriute.

Dr. Jeff Montanari, Liaison for Community Engagement Programs in the West Coast.  Dr. Montanari works to support local home delivery programs with our quality Kosher products meeting local city and federal dietary needs.