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Outdoor Kosher Meals & MREs

Outdoor Kosher Meals & Kosher MREs

Labriute Meals, Kosher MRE Meals, Kosher Meals Ready to Eat,Kosher Shelf Stable Meals.
Labriute Meals, Self Heating outdoor kosher meals,shelf stable outdoor kosher meals

Your gear is all set. Whether you’re going on full day’s hike, a 200-mile bike ride, 3-day camping, mountain climbing or venturing out just to be outdoor, the excitement is building and the adrenalin rush is just about letting loose.

Then you focus on what matters most, safety. Your gear, emergency supplies, and planning for “what if” scenarios. And yes, that includes nourishing your body with healthy, away-from-home, meals.

Regardless of the type or duration of your outdoor adventure, proper nourishment turns an activity into an enjoyable experience. You push your body and o your spirit, now it’s time to reward yourself for all that hard work.

Why KOSHER outdoor meals or MREs?

If you follow a religious diet and want the best in outdoor kosher meals, then you’ve come to the right place. However, you don’t have to follow ‘kashrut laws’ to enjoy our meals. Many of our customers are not Jewish but prefer the peace-of-mind and safety of an outdoor kosher meal; trusting that the food you eat was prepared from the healthiest of ingredients, and under strict quality and safety controls, is not an option. Eating a tasty and nourishing meal outdoors, or miles away from the nearest road, is that added bonus to enjoying what you love to do.

Welcome to Labriute meals. We’ve done the hard work of selecting ingredients and preparing a home-cooked meal so you don’t have to. Choose from our self-heating entrees or our Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). And just like you, our focus has always been on safe food preparation without sacrificing homestyle taste.

Choose from meat or vegetarian meals, with or without our patented self-heating elements, they all include accessories a few added snacks.

3 Options For Outdoor Kosher Meals:

(1) A complete kosher outdoor meal with our patented self-heating element. (Include utensils, soup, cookie), or, (2) Meal-Only option if you’ll have access to a microwave or you can boil water.

11 outdoor kosher meal options 

  1. Glatt Kosher Meatballs & Spaghetti
  2. Glatt Kosher Turkey & Mashed Potatoes
  3. Glatt Kosher Salisbury Steak with Diced Potatoes
  4. Glatt Kosher Chicken Primavera with Noodles and Vegetables
  5. Glatt Kosher Buffalo Style Chicken Wings with Rice and Corn
  6. Glatt Kosher Vegetable Beef Stew
  7. Kosher Cheese Ravioli
  8. Kosher Vegetarian Honolulu Nuggets
  9. Kosher Vegetarian Pepper Steak
  10. Kosher Vegetarian Stuffed Shells with Vegetables
  11. Kosher Spanish Style Scrambled Eggs with Hash Browns

(3) Outdoor Kosher MRE – Meal Ready to Eat. Similar to the kosher meals we exclusively supply to all branches of the US Military, this is the ‘real deal’ in outdoor kosher living.  Compact and fulfilling.

12 outdoor kosher MREs meal options 

  1. Glatt Kosher Chicken & Rice
  2. Glatt Kosher Gumbo with Chicken
  3. Glatt Kosher Smoked Beef Paprikash
  4. Glatt Kosher Chicken Noodle
  5. Glatt Kosher Hickory Smoked Beef
  6. Glatt Kosher Spicy Southwest Chicken
  7. Glatt Kosher Tuscan Beef
  8. Glatt Kosher Chicken Royale
  9. Glatt Kosher Jalapeno Curry Beef
  10. Glatt Kosher Curry Chicken
  11. Kosher Spicy Vegetarian Chili
  12. Kosher Pasta Marinara

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