Labriute Meals, Kosher Travel Meals, Self Heating Kosher Meals,Shelf Stable Kosher Meals
Travel Kosher Meals

Travel/Business Kosher Meals

Vacations are expensive enough! Lunch breaks don’t have to be stressful or expensive either. Enjoy a delicious home-style kosher meal in your hotel, or your office, for less than $9 per meal*! Buy our microwaveable meals in advance, or ship them to your hotel, resort or campsite.

*With shipping, when you buy a case of 12 meals.

Labriute meals,kosher meals,self heating kosher meals,shelf stable kosher meals
BUY SELF-HEATING MEALS (camping, hiking, outdoors – no access to microwave)
Labriute meals,kosher travel meals,self heating kosher meals,shelf stable kosher meals

Imagine going on a vacation, business trip or any other activity that takes you away from the place where… home cooked kosher meals are prepared and enjoyed. Now, imagine hunger kicking in and having to scramble to find a kosher restaurant, or having to rush down unfamiliar local food store aisles to find something kosher to eat as well. Not a pleasant vision or experience when you travel and all you can think of is a home-cooked kosher meal? How about stressing over where to eat during your lunch break?

Of course, you can research and find a kosher restaurant in your destination city. You can even inspect their menu and read reviews all from the comfort of your home. But you know that while in the past you may have enjoyed these type of unknown restaurants, the process is time-consuming and, let’s face it, eating out every night can get quite expensive.  But….

What if?

  • What if, you don’t want to dine out every day?
  • What is, spending over $100 on dinner for a family of four isn’t ideal? 
  • What if, you’re way too busy and simply don’t have time to eat out?
  • What if, after a long day, you just want to relax and enjoy a good
    kosher meal?
  • What if, there is a tasty solution and an alternative to home-cooked healthy travel kosher meals?

Welcome to Labriute (“to your health” in Hebrew), the trusted and reliable source for kosher travel meals for travelers of all types; vacation, business or outdoor adventure seekers.

Kosher Travel Meal,Travel Kosher Meal,Labriute Meals,self Heating Meals, Shelf Stable Meals
Labriute Meals Glatt Kosher Meatballs & Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce.

Now you can stop imagining and start enjoying a hot kosher meal when you travel . You no longer have to compromise or sacrifice health or nutrition. Since 2002, Labriute kosher travel meals have been known for their taste, nutrition and convenience. Labriute kosher travel meals are the preferred choice for travelers or those preferring a religious meal.

Eleven delicious meals to match your appetite with two convenient heating options: Each kosher travel meal is available with either our patented self-heating system or a microwaveable tray.

  1. Glatt Kosher Meatballs & Spaghetti
  2. Glatt Kosher Turkey & Mashed Potatoes
  3. Glatt Kosher Salisbury Steak with Diced Potatoes
  4. Glatt Kosher Chicken Primavera with Noodles and Vegetables
  5. Glatt Kosher Buffalo Style Chicken Wings with Rice and Corn
  6. Glatt Kosher Vegetable Beef Stew
  7. Kosher Cheese Ravioli
  8. Kosher Vegetarian Honolulu Nuggets
  9. Kosher Vegetarian Pepper Steak
  10. Kosher Vegetarian Stuffed Shells with Vegetables
  11. Kosher Spanish Style Scrambled Eggs with Hash Browns
Kosher Travel Meals,Travel Kosher Meals,Labriute Meals,Self Heating Kosher Meal,Shelf Stable Kosher Meal
Labriute Meals, Glatt Kosher Salisbury Steak

Eat Kosher. Eat Healthy. Our meals offer great value, taste, convenience. All meals come with our guarantee: Love your meal, or we’ll replace it with another Labriute meal of your choice at no cost to you!

Our kosher meals are certified kosher with strict Kashrut standards by the Kof-k and Ribba Shia Katz the Magrivaer Rov

If you’re new to Labriute Meals, we offer a one-time try-before-you-buy, meal sample. Email and ask for your sample kosher travel meal coupon code.

Buy Kosher Travel Meals
(TIP: If you’ll have access to a microwave, buy the “MEAL ONLY’ tray. AT $6.25/meal, it’s the best meal in town…any town 🙂

**** Expedited shipping cut-off is 12PM!
**** Orders for pick up at your office in NJ must be placed via phone not online

***TIPS FOR USING THE SELF-HEATING BAGS (if you don’t have access to a microwave)***
YouTUBE instructions are coming soon…

  1. Shake the tray before you put it into the bag (allow the liquid to move around and spread).
  2. Insert the tray into the bag and make sure that the ‘plastic seal’ part of the tray) is facing the heating ‘pad’ — the element that interacts with the liquid to create heat.
  3. Pour the liquid into the bag. Fold the bag and insert it into the outer box.
  4. Put the box on a flat surface and make sure that the heating pad is at the bottom to allow the heat to travel up towards the clear plastic for maximum heating of the meal.
  5. Follow the rest of the instructions as printed on the box.
  6. Remember, do not the touch the bag while steam is flowing and keep your eyes away when opening the bag.
  7. La Briute!

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