Humanitarian Aid Meals

The original requirement for the Humanitarian Ration (HR) was based on a need identified by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency-Humanitarian Assistance/Demining Activities (DSCA-HA/D), for a means of feeding large populations of displaced persons or refugees under emergency conditions.

Humanitarian meals are similar to Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and are composed of ready-to-eat thermostabilized entrees and complementary components. HR meals are packaged in materials structurally similar to the MRE.

Labriute’s meals meet requirements set forth as humanitarian rations and provide a full day’s sustenance to a moderately malnourished individual. Our meals can also be used for a wide range of populations and potential consumers with diverse religious and dietary restrictions from around the world.

Complementary components are also included to provide the balance of the daily nutritional requirements that call for not less than 1200 calories, broken down as 10-13% protein, 27-30% fat, and not less than 60% carbohydrates ???. A spoon , a non-alcohol based moist towelette and flameless heaters are the only non-food components in the meal kit.